Value Statements

We at The New Kentucky Project hold a set of core values upon which our membership is based:

  1. We believe it is time for Kentucky to pursue new ideas to help modernize our state and create a new generation of leaders focused on progress of the Commonwealth as a whole, not decision making based upon partisan politics or self-interest.
  2. We believe our state's broken politics can be mended by creating an environment that encourages civic engagement and the exploration of new ideas to difficult problems.
  3. We believe every Kentuckian deserves equal protection under the law regardless of age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation and it is the responsibility of Kentucky’s leaders to protect that opportunity for all its citizens.
  4. We believe that it is time for representatives and leaders of the state to focus on standing up for the working class of Kentucky. The focus of state politicians should be on creating jobs for its citizens and ensuring that all Kentuckians who seek to work for a living can earn a wage that allows them to support their families and live their lives with dignity.
  5. We believe that education should be our state's top priority and that investment in education for all is crucial for allowing us to compete in the new economy. Because education is the most critical investment we can make in our future, we must strive to create a modern, state-of-the-art educational system that can adapt to meet the new challenges of our global economy.
  6. We believe all people have the right to appropriate and affordable medical care in times of injury or sickness and that the goal of improving the health and treatment of all citizens is a top priority.
  7. We believe a modern Kentucky economy should utilize the unique qualities of each part of the Commonwealth in a manner that promotes opportunity, sustainable economic growth, and protects the natural beauty of Kentucky’s land.
  8. We believe that improving economic opportunity in all 120 counties of the state must be a top priority of Kentucky's representatives. As such, we believe access to modern technology and the digital world is a pre-condition for opportunity and economic growth and must be brought to all regions of the state so they can compete and flourish.
  9. We believe our government representatives and public officials, should be honest, transparent and accountable to the people they serve, and all forms of public "cronyism" or corruption must end.
  10. We believe all public policy and decision making should be based on facts and reflective of the will of the people of Kentucky, not just the interests of the governing class and the donors that back them.

Our Mission

The New Kentucky Project seeks to move Kentucky forward and modernize our state through a variety of different policy initiatives. However we do acknowledge that there will be differences of opinion amongst some Kentuckians on issues and we seek to embrace those differences, rather than rigidly accept the two-party dichotomy so often required in today's politics. We believe that where intelligent, well-meaning people disagree, consensus can be built through discussion and education.