Our Executive Committee

Vanessa Cantley
Jefferson County
Dan Mosley
Harlan County
Steve Gold
Henderson County
Sarah Thomas
Fayette County
Chris Harris
Pike County
David Yates
Jefferson County
Kerry Holleran
Kenton County
Angela Evans
Fayette County
James Kay
Woodford County
Clay Ford
Daviess County
Morgan McGarvey
Jefferson County
Danny Alvarez
Jefferson County
Audrey Haydon
Nelson County
Craig Greenberg
Jefferson County
Stephen Reily
Jefferson County
Lincoln Foster
Christian County
Noel Caldwell
Fayette County
Nathan Cryder
Fayette County
Ashley Adkins
Rowan County
Lawrence Winburn, Jr
Jefferson County
Jared Smith
Fayette County
Brandy Bailey
Jefferson County
Adrian Wallace
Fayette County
Sellus Wilder
Franklin County
Jacqueline Coleman
Mercer County
Brent McKim
Jefferson County
Susanna French
Marshall County

Our Mission

The New Kentucky Project seeks to move Kentucky forward and modernize our state through a variety of different policy initiatives. However we do acknowledge that there will be differences of opinion amongst some Kentuckians on issues and we seek to embrace those differences, rather than rigidly accept the two-party dichotomy so often required in today's politics. We believe that where intelligent, well-meaning people disagree, consensus can be built through discussion and education.